What Happened To VoChill After Shark Tank?


The VoChill device, created by Lisa and Randall Pawlik, is a wine glass chiller that maintains the perfect temperature for your wine without the need for refrigeration or ice, which can affect the taste. The founders of VoChill recently presented their business on Shark Tank and as of 2023, the company is valued at $5 million.

About the Founders of VoChill

The Pawliks, a couple based in Austin, Texas, consists of Randall, a CAD design expert, and Lisa, a graduate in communication from The University of Texas at Austin.

From a young age, Randall had a passion for entrepreneurship. He would sell pecans to his teachers and grapefruits from his family farm and was also interested in taking apart machines to learn about their inner workings.

Lisa, Randall’s partner, has a background in business development and marketing. She first started her professional journey as a business development associate at the Australian Trade Commission, where she gained experience in identifying new business opportunities and promoting Australian products and services to international markets. After that, she spent a decade at HEB, one of the largest privately-held supermarket chains in the US, where she served as an innovation research analyst and marketing manager.

In these roles, she likely researched and analyzed consumer trends, developed marketing strategies and managed product development and launch. These experiences have likely provided her with a wealth of knowledge and skills that she brings to her partnership with Randall and their business.

Starting the Company

As wine enthusiasts, the Pawliks enjoy taking their time while drinking. However, they became frustrated with how quickly their chilled wine would lose its optimal temperature while out at bars in Texas due to the heat.

The Pawliks desired a solution that would maintain the appropriate temperature of the wine without altering the overall experience. This realization led Randall to design a sleek wine glass chiller that can continuously keep the glass cool without interfering with the enjoyment of the wine.

Randall developed two versions of the product, one for stemmed and one for stemless glasses, both requiring pre-freezing before use. His wife, Lisa, quit her regular job to become the CEO of VoChill, which was launched in 2020.

As Seen on Shark Tank

The process of finding investors and manufacturers for VoChill took longer than planned, but the company was fortunate to secure partnerships with individuals who believed in the startup. VoChill has received significant media coverage, including appearances on NBC News and USA Today.

In 2022, VoChill received a significant boost in sales when Oprah Winfrey included it in her list of favorite things. Although initial sales were commendable, the Pawliks aimed to grow the business further. They were delighted to be featured on episode 10 of season 14 of Shark Tank and had the opportunity to present their product to guest Shark, Gwyneth Paltrow.

What Happened to VoChill After Shark Tank Show?

Although the episode has just aired, VoChill is expected to benefit from the “Shark Tank effect,” which refers to the significant boost in sales and revenue that can result from appearing on the popular television show. Being featured on national television is essentially a million-dollar advertisement, and the company is likely to see at least $100,000 in revenue as a result of the increased exposure and publicity.

At present, the wine glass chiller can be obtained through two channels, the company’s website VoChill.com and Amazon. On Amazon, the stemmed version has been performing well and has received positive feedback with an average rating of 4.6 stars from 797 reviews. VoChill is growing quickly and has a current valuation of $5 million.

Overall, customer reviews have been positive, however, some complaints have been made about the drink not staying cold for an extended period. Some of the reviews were from individuals who received the chiller as a gift and praised its visually appealing design. It appears to be a popular gift choice for occasions such as Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Throughout the years, many wine-related products have been presented on Shark Tank, with varying levels of success. One example is ProntoBev, another wine chiller, which secured a deal with Kevin O’Leary, but ultimately failed and remains in the prototype stage. However, there are also success stories such as Copa Di Vino, which is now valued at $25 million. The founders of VoChill hope that their product will also be a success story on Shark Tank.

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