“Canadian Student Makes History as Youngest Winner of $48M Jackpot, Amidst Shouts of Excitement”

A woman from Ontario has won a $40 million jackpot, becoming the youngest Canadian in history to win such a massive amount.

Teenager Juliette Lamour Receives $48M Lotto 6/49 Gold Ball Prize at OLG Headquarters in Sault Ste. Marie on January 7th.

“Lamour Shares, “Grandfather Suggested Trying Luck with a Lottery Ticket for Fun on 18th Birthday.”

“The college student went to a store to buy a ticket but didn’t really know how to go about it as it was her first time playing the lotto. “I called my dad who told me to buy a Lotto 6/49 Quick Pick,” she recalled. “I still can’t believe I hit the Gold Ball jackpot on my very first lottery ticket!”

The amusing aspect is that Lamour did not remember the purchase until she learned about the winning Lotto 6/49 ticket being purchased in Sault Ste. Marie.

Her coworkers mentioned it while she was on the job, which prompted the realization that it could be her.

A colleague assisted her in scanning her ticket on his phone through the OLG App, and the triumphant “Big Winner” jingle started to play.

Lamour described the scene, saying, “My coworker dropped to the floor in disbelief and started shouting, along with everyone else, that I had won $48 million. It took me a moment to comprehend what was happening, I was in shock. There was definitely a commotion in the store that day.”

Overcome with emotion, the winner phoned her mother, struggling to articulate her feelings through her happy tears. It wasn’t until her father pieced together her fragmented words that the family realized their daughter had become a multi-millionaire.

“I was unable to concentrate on my work, and my boss offered to let me go home, but my mother insisted that I complete my shift,” the winner stated. She added that her coworkers eventually had to persuade her parents to “come and get her,” which they did.

Fortunately for Lamour, her father, a financial planner, will assist her in investing the majority of her winnings while she pursues her dream of becoming a doctor without the burden of student loans.

“Being a member of the Garden River First Nation community, I was eligible for educational assistance programs, but now that I no longer need that support, someone else in the community can take advantage of those funds,” Lamour shared with OLG. “My goal is to return to the area as a doctor and give back to my community.”

In addition to focusing on her studies, the 18-year-old is also planning various summer travels and adventures around the world.

“Once I finish school, my family and I will choose a continent and begin our travels,” she stated. “I am an adventurous person and don’t just want to relax on the beach. I want to immerse myself in different cultures, learn about their history, sample their cuisine, and experience their language.”

After coming to terms with her winnings, Lamour received wise counsel from those close to her, who told her, “It’s not the money that defines you, but the work you do that will leave a lasting impact.”

Lamour is excited to have her family by her side as she embarks on this transformative journey.

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